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Creature Features

Creature features: Your one-minute (or so!) videos from people involved in CS education.

Have something great to say about CS education in one minute? Send a link to Steve. Maybe we can add it!

Previous Shows

Episode 12: Greg Wilson
Episode 11: Warren Code
Episode 10: Ken Yasuhara
Episode 9: Colleen Lewis
Episode 8: Philip Guo
Episode 7: Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock, Mary Rose Cook (Hacker School)
Episode 6: Mark Guzdial
Episode 5: David Nolen
Episode 4: Rebecca Bates
Episode 3: Jeffrey Forbes
Episode 2: Rob Simmons
Episode 1: Kim Voll

Episode #12 (full video)
Tuesday, August 25, 12:15pm Eastern/9:15am Pacific
Special Guest Host: Piam Kiarostami @pkiarostami
Guest: Greg Wilson
Software Carpentry Blog
Open publications of industry interest

Hostage Situation of code/data in acamedia
Lessons Learned from Software Carpentry
How Do Scientists Develop and Use Scientific Software?
SC lesson on git with 50+ contributors
Mark Guzdial's blog
Peer instruction
Learning styles are a myth
Understanding by Design (UbD)
Stereotype threat
How Learning Works
arXiv and CoRR (ACM authors can submit before peer review)
Success in Introductory Programming: What Works?
Mark Guzdial
Barbara Ericson
Kent Computing Education Group
Sally Fincher
Neil Brown
Peggy Story
Glitch Project
Marian Petre
Unlocking the Clubhouse
Arfon Smith
Data Carpentry
Tracy Teal
Software Carpentry steering committee

Episode #11 (full video)
Tuesday, July 28, 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific
Special Guest Host: Piam Kiarostami @pkiarostami
Guest: Warren Code
Warren at the UBC Science Centre for Learning and Teaching

Carl Wieman Science Education Iniatitive's "Resources" Page, including:
Software Carpentry and their Tips for Instructors
Greg Wilson
Deliberate Practice
Brett Gilley
Two-stage exams
How Learning Works
How People Learn

Episode #10 (full video)
Thursday, February 19, 4:15pm Eastern/1:15pm Pacific
Guest: Ken Yasuhara
...talks about reflection
...talks about encouraging student reflection
...talks about "Exam Wrappers"
...talks about project courses
...talks about transfer
...talks about pair programming
Ken's page at University of Washington
Ken's page at UW Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching

Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education (CPREE)
UW Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching
Jennifer Turns, Cindy Atman, and Jim Borgford-Parnell
The Muddiest Point and other Classroom Assessment Techniques
Physics demo research by the Mazur Group
Exam wrappers: website and "Tomorrow's Professor" article
Pair Programming
Carol Dweck's work on mindset
Preparedness Portfolios and Portfolio Studios
Teaching Reflective Skills in [a Software] Engineering Course

Episode #9 (full video)
Friday, January 16, 4:30pm Eastern/1:30pm Pacific
Guest: Colleen Lewis
...talks about
...talks about teaching arrays with dixie cups
...talks about the human element in CS courses
...talks about her favorite teaching tip
...talks about her concerns about scratch
Scratch videos
Programming in Scratch EdX course

Mike Clancy
Logo, StarLogo, and Seymour Papert
AP CS Principles
Beauty and Joy of Computing course
Colleen's Logo vs. Scratch paper
Phil Conrad
Andy DiSessa's book Changing Minds
Melissa O'Neill
Computing for Biologists by Ran Libeskind-Hadas and Eliot Bush
D3 data visualization library
Harvey Mudd

Episode #8 (full video)
Thursday, November 13, 2:30pm Eastern/11:30am Pacific
Guest: Philip Guo
...talks about Python Tutor Online
...talks about Hacker School
...talks about removing student fear
...talks about Live Coding

Online Python Tutor
Python as a CS1 language
Technical Privilege in STEM
Hacker School Residency
Motivation, Momentum, and Marketability: New Faculty Edition
The Benefits of Working on Research As An Undergraduate Student
Whose Critical Path Are You On?
Getting Past Superficial
The Ph.D. Grind: Lead From Below
Education Removes Fear: Some Examples From CS Courses
Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery
Ph.D. Grind
David Pritchard's Java front end for the Online Python Tutor
Cultural divide blog posts
Unlocking the Clubhouse
Stuck in the Shallow End
The Dragon Book
Matt Might's blog
Mark Guzdial's blog
John Regehr's blog
Cristina Lopes's blog

Episode #7 (full video)
Thursday, October 30, 2:15pm Eastern/11:15am Pacific
Guests: Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock and Mary Rose Cook from Hacker School
...talks about Hacker School
...talks about Live Coding

Live Coding
Sonali Sridhar (Hacker School co-founder)
Dave Albert (Hacker School co-founder)
Mary live-codes Space Invaders in JavaScript
Pair programming
Hacker School Social Rules
Scrum and Stand-up Meetings
Code Reviews
Apply to Hacker Scohool

Episode #6 (full video)
Thursday, September 25, 12:15pm Eastern/9:15am Pacific
Special Guest Host: Dutch Meyer
Guest: Mark Guzdial
...talks about teaching "worst" practices
...talks about the Testing Effect
...talks about student motivation
...talks about CS for non-CS students
...talks about programming habits
...talks about thinking aloud
...talks about Live Coding in class

Barbara Ericson
Blog Posts about Live Coding: 30 Sep, 1 Oct, 2 Oct, and 3 Oct
TOPLAP and Dagstuhl live coding report
Project GUTS and Irene Lee
Uri Wilensky at the Center for Connected Learning
Andrew Sorensen
Alex McLean Tidal
Live Coding Weaves
Cognitive Apprenticeship
Students' Alternative Standards for Correctness by Kolikant Yifat
Pair Programming in XP and in CS education
Peer Instruction
Media Computation
Mark on Phil Sadler's Pedagogical Content Knowledge work
Parson's Programming Puzzles and at Runestone
Legitimate Peripheral Participation and Situated Learning
Betsy DiSalvo
From Interests to Values (by DiSalvo and Bruckman)
Briana Morrison
Broadening Participation in Computing

SwanOdette (and SwanOdile)Episode #5 (full video)
Thursday, September 4, 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific
Guest: David Nolen
...talks about CSP
...talks about Hacker School
...talks about PC's
...talks about functional programming
...talks about industry and academia
...talks about the future of Types
...talks about his reading list

The Reasoned Schemer, Will Byrd's dissertation, and miniKanren
Structured Interpretation of Computer Programs
Paul Graham
Clojure and: Tony Hoare and Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP)
ITP: Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU
Om interface to Facebook's React
Gradual Typing
QuickCheck for Clojure (generative testing)
Art of Prolog
Essentials of Programming Languages by Mitchell and Wand
Lambda calculus
NY Times
Hacker School
Kitchen Table Coders

Rebecca Bates as an OwlEpisode #4 (full video)
Monday, July 27, 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific
Guest: Rebecca Bates
...talks about her course
...talks about Sci-Fi
...talks about the power of stories
...talks about her project course
...talks about team problems
...talks about teaching experiences

ASEE 2011 paper on AI and Sci Fi course
Kinesthetic Learning Activities
CS 201W: AI & SciFi Reading list
"They're Made Out of Meat" by Terry Bisson
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Diamond Age
Integrated Engineering Program
Orange Data Mining Toolkit
Iron Range Engineering Program
Twin Cities Engineering Program

Jeff Forbes as a Brown Bat Episode #3 (full video)
Tuesday, July 14, 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific
Guest: Jeffrey Forbes
...talks about why fast feedback is better than good feedback
...talks about MOOCS
...talks about motivating students
...talks about adapting courses
...talks about CS and programming

Christine Alvarado
Natural Prestidigitation
Kevin Wayne
Colleen Lewis
CS10k Project
Mehran Sahami
Jane Margolis's books:   Stuck in the Shallow End     Unlocking the Clubhouse
Gil Masters
Eric Roberts

Rob Simmons as a Robber Raccoon Episode #2 (full video)
Tuesday, July 1, 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific
Guest: Rob Simmons
...talks about difficult problems for students
...talks about teaching proofs
...talks about industry trends

15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation
C0 Programming Language
Exam Wrappers

Kim Voll as a Vole   Episode #1 (full video)
  Wednesday, June 18, 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific
  Guest: Kim Voll
...talks about her laptop policies
...talks about interdisciplinary studies
...talks about making games
...talks about group activities
...talks about summer projects
...talks about resistance to learning
...talks about her non-CS teaching

Creature Features

SIGCSE 2015 Creature Feature's are brief interviews of the denziens of SIGCSE about any topic that's on their minds.

Andrew Petersen talks about giving students feedback
Brian Dorn talks about K-12 CS teaching
Gerald Weiss talks about the end of the CS polymath
Jan Pearce talks about Berea College
Janet Davis talks about curriculum design
Leo Porter talks about student data
Megan Thomas talks about student engagement through challenging projects
Owen Astrachan talks about equity in CS Education
Sarah Wille talks about consistent measures in CS education
Tony Luckett talks about diversity in CS
Zack Butler talks about puzzles

Thanks to Piam Kiarostami for creative and editing work on the Zoo. Thanks to Dutch Meyer and Piam Kiarostami for guest-hosting. The Zoo has been funded in part by a SIGCSE Special Project Grant.
Note: no guests or animals were harmed nor artistic talent used in the caricaturing process.